What is student Simulator?

Student Simulator is a stealth game about getting the last gym mat.

It is like  Yandere Simulator, but not the same, because it is not set in a Japanese high school. Sometimes, you have that one time where P.E. looks really exiting…. Well, probably not, but you need to get a gym mat to avoid being scolded by the teacher. As more people join the school, you can be friends or enemies and trick people into following You! Keep your friend close, but your enemies closer… Well, your enemies breath stinks, so you might not want to do that. You start off not having much, but near the end of the game, you could even start poisoning the cafeteria with bleach!  However, if you really want to get the mat, you might have to unleash a terrible hoarde of zombies… But! Let’s stay on the bright side of malevolently stabbing your enemy to death with a butter knife.

Keep up to date on the channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCKyPL6ymZ5rnfb31uJS2TYQ



2 thoughts on “What is student Simulator?

    • The game download isn’t here yet, unfortunately as the game isn’t finished. The game will still be a demo version when we launch it in April. Our YouTube channel will be restarted so that we can post the games development. However, the channel is currently named “Isaac Marvel”.


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