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WOWZERS!!! That’s a lot of code. If you look carefully, you’ll see some things included in the game. That is the old code. Now, there is no code. Now, there  is just planning. Advertisements

Student Simulator is dying.

Sorry, my friends. Student simulator is having to be re- coded, because it was destroyed. However, Game Developer No.2 is going to re- install unity, which was used to make the game. Game developer No.2 will create a YouTube video showing off some features you can hope for in student simulator. The game’s demo will probably…

Poll page

In student simulator, we have added lots of features and don’t know what to add next. So, you can choose! personalities- http://strawpoll.me/7256567 weapons- http://strawpoll.me/7256626


So, in student simulator, there are lots of personalities. Let me list them. Evil: Dislike anyone other than their cronies. Their reaction to you murdering someone would be to ask for your weapon and then stab the closest witness to you. Depending on how evil they are, they could even frame you and tell everybody!…

What is student Simulator?

Student Simulator is a stealth game about getting the last gym mat. It is like  Yandere Simulator, but not the same, because it is not set in a Japanese high school. Sometimes, you have that one time where P.E. looks really exiting…. Well, probably not, but you need to get a gym mat to avoid…